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You can observe the Koala how it clings to the tree branch to secure its safety, food access, and maybe more of its needs, and how it lets go when the need is met, and even

more this Koala right here, who has moved beyond all this and is unattached and free.

This Koala is pretty Chill!

Koala teaches you about non - attachment ( aparigraha )

Attachment, based on ignorance, is the root of suffering.

Safe attachment is a vital need, for all beings to survive and thrive.

But when it becomes a burden? A mistake? A bit too much?

It is because we have forgotten our true nature, our deepest being, that we attach to things

that do not matter.

Things, people, habits, it doesn’t really matter to what we attach to. The key is to see Who

is the one who is attaching.

That will be already a big relief, to just see this one.

Remember who you are.

Remember what you need.

And go towards your self completion.

Nature does that already. Work with nature, not against.

Nature wants to see you flourishing.

Something happens, someone says something that touches upon some of your own


Then you take things personally, you cling and you feed the vicious circle.

Instead you can recognise that it happened, accept and let go.

Breath in, thank the wave of the air that came in, and allow it to go again. Like this stay in

the flow, and the previously built tension, dissipates.


creating reality as you observe it.




Connective tissue

In all of our body a liquid network is running, the connective tissue. This connective tissue is going through our muscles, it covers our bones, our organs, our everything. It is a network that offers to our organisms connectiveness, stabilazation, transportation of informations. The discovery of the connective tissue was late for Western civilazation, since when the tissue is examined outside of the body it is drained. But other civilizations knew for the existence of the tissue and had practices and healings regarding it . (India, China)

Cosmic Web

Across the universe, a huge spider web that connects everything was captured for the first time by astronomers. Tissue rivers that are composed of mainly hydrogen gases. "We just saw the tip of the iceberg of the cosmic web," said Erica Hamden of the University of Arizona. But we still confirmed its existence. It's terribly strange. You look at space and think it's empty, but it really is not. There is this giant magnificent structure of the cosmic web'.


The cosmic web: scientists used the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope.

Photograph: Hideki Umehata/PA

For Space and Flexibility

A lot of times I hear that yoga is for flexible people and soft bodies. A lot of times people told me 'I want to start Yoga but I am not flexible at all'. A lot of times for us who practice Yoga a pose is consedered right or wrong in terms of I managed to hold my hand or leg there.
The first thing that comes in to mind considering the space in our bodies is that most of the bodies have more space in some areas and less in others. So for example a body can feel more free opening the thoracic area and less free bending forward, or it can feel more free opening the hips but less free opening the shoulders etc etc. Every body is unique having its own 'freedom' and 'limits'. But let's take a case where a body feels only limitations. That is great! We have all the time to practice, to search, to play, to try, to breathe, to discover. Maybe a day will come that the body will feel some space is created or discovered, maybe we will feel a bit more free. All the beauty of the practice is this trip, is this perfect body in this perfect present that breathes with all of its cells in its perfect present asana. And the freedom we may feel will remind us of this trip and everything we have been through and how perfect our present is cause this is what we actually have, the now.
So let's let ourselves in practice.
It's enough.

Mirto :)


This weekend's programme was to clean and put everything in order in the studio, to get ready for the season. As I was cleaning, I observed that everyhing that decorates the studio, the walls, the shelves, the garden, the furniture,  friends and  students had brought. I smiled. We are a small community I thought but we have a big and vibrant heart, with a rhythmic pulse. As I was cleaning, the neighbors were coming to greet me 'Welcome', 'Hi Myrto', 'Do you want to bring you my ladder, I have tools for cleaning for my job, you can use them if you want', my beloved elderly couple hit the door to greet me because they saw lights but I was in the garden,' Mirto you were on a holiday, good start, let;s have a beatiful winter'. I thought, 'we are doing something good here'.
This summer has been one of those times when the mind can;t rest, something is surrounding it, some change is kneading but I don't know what it will bring me.
And then I go back into the studio and in the uplifting mind and spirit I find this balance, what we have already made.
Let this be the time to come, a time full, a time of learnings, a time full of life and existence. Or let it just be and we live it fully.
Monday, September 2 we start.
Let's have a wonderful season.