Words & Thoughts

This weekend's programme was to clean and put everything in order in the studio, to get ready for the season. As I was cleaning, I observed that everyhing that decorates the studio, the walls, the shelves, the garden, the furniture,  friends and  students had brought. I smiled. We are a small community I thought but we have a big and vibrant heart, with a rhythmic pulse. As I was cleaning, the neighbors were coming to greet me 'Welcome', 'Hi Myrto', 'Do you want to bring you my ladder, I have tools for cleaning for my job, you can use them if you want', my beloved elderly couple hit the door to greet me because they saw lights but I was in the garden,' Mirto you were on a holiday, good start, let;s have a beatiful winter'. I thought, 'we are doing something good here'.
This summer has been one of those times when the mind can;t rest, something is surrounding it, some change is kneading but I don't know what it will bring me.
And then I go back into the studio and in the uplifting mind and spirit I find this balance, what we have already made.
Let this be the time to come, a time full, a time of learnings, a time full of life and existence. Or let it just be and we live it fully.
Monday, September 2 we start.
Let's have a wonderful season.