Mirto Havella


My name is Mirto. From my younger years I was interested in movement and the abilities of the body. At the age of 5 (but actually till today) this meant my favorite thing to do was cartwheels and flips. I have been doing gymnastics when I was young and later on Argentine Tango, Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation and Yoga. Contact and Yoga I keep practicing until today. In Contact Improvisation I search ways to deal with myself and my body socially. In Yoga I find all these ways. I find ways to deal with who I am and everything that happens around me. I find who I am and who I can be.

Together with the above I have studied Economics and Business at the Economics University of Athens.  I worked at this field for several years but my work and the modern west way of life  made me search alternative ways to deal with everyday life and led me to Contact Improvisation and the practice of Yoga.


My first contact with Yoga was with Vinyasa Krama and Flow practice. It is an energetic dynamic practice , that through moving sequences and relation with the breath, activates the body and the mind. In the path of practice I met also Yin Yoga and stuck with it as well. Yin Yoga is a passive dynamic practice that uses the pose, the weight and the duration of time to show us qualities of our body and maybe not only. I have concluded my 200RYT training with Panos Katsandris  on Vinyasa Krama Yoga and have attended Yin Yoga training 60hr with Betty Papadopoulou. My teacher at Contact Improvisation in Konstantinos Mixos. I am always a student, attending seminars and classes that interest me and exploring practice every day. My classes are a mix of activation, exploration, trials, observation, play and discoveries. They are suitable for anyone open to experience them.

Anna Saroukou

Anna Saroukoy was born in 1990 and lived near sea and sun at her young years. Maybe this explains her connection and love for freedom, natural environment and colors. From a very young age, she dealt with classical sports and expressive arts and since 2007 she started her studies at Panteion University (Department of Communication, Media & Culture) and is a member of groups and institutions that deal professionally with education and entertainment children.

She has been practicing yoga in recent years, and in February 2015 completes the Hatha Yoga RYT 200h (Yoga Alliance) training program. One year later, she participated in the corresponding Yoga_Module I (Flower Kids Yoga_Module I), and in her follow-up to the magical world of children in September 2017 she successfully completed her training in the first program in Greece "Yoga for Children with Autism and Special Needs "25h by Shawnee Thornton Hardy and the certification of the international organization Yoga Alliance. In May 2018 she is certified as an Aerial Flow Yoga Instructor by the BFS Academy sharing her love for Yoga overhead.

Under the guidance of Stavroula Katsina & Maria Mouhtaridou she attends the training course "Yoga during pregnancy" and a few months later she is studying at Yin Yoga & Creative Flow 25h next to Betty Papadopoulou. She has attended workshops for forrest yoga inversions and arm balances, jivamukti yoga strengthening & flexibility, jivamukti yoga philosophy & practice with Petros Haffenricher, acro yoga, arm balances, behavioral management and ashtanga vinyasa traditional masterclass with Timo Jimenez. She writes weekly as a yoga instructor and constantly seeks new knowledge and experiences about yoga practice.

Anna teaches Hatha ~ Creative flow ~ Aerial flow ~ Kids & Family Yoga Sessions.

Simos Lazaridis


It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!

Simos began his path in physical / spiritual practices through martial arts (mainly shotokan karate) while studying computer science in Thessaloniki. During this trip he lived 5 months in Ghent and 7 months in Barcelona, ​​and experimented with other systems such as yoga, tai chi, pilates, capoeira, wing chun kung fu, modern dance, boxing, acrobatics and meditation.

Completing his computer studies, it was clear that he did not want to pursue it as a profession, and continued his search. After a sequence of events he found himself in a community in the middle of the desert of Israel where he lived for 3.5 years. There, intense self-observation came into play. He met his first two ashtanga teachers and later continued his practice with a teacher who was influenced by vini and vijnana yoga, and had India as a second home. The practice in Yoga became more systematic, until he soon began sharing it with his companions there.

Arriving in Athens, he completed his education at vinyasa, and there he found ways to channel his interest in the perspectives of the human mind and body, a space for creativity, discovery, deepening, challenges, and working with the natural to the finer levels of existence. .

He began teaching in various places in September 2018, continuing to learn at the same time. He did additional training in aerial yoga, Nada yoga (mantras and Kirtan) and Thai massage. He continues to be in touch with capoeira, contact improvisation and ground acrobatics, and does not miss opportunities in movement-related seminars and courses such as butoh, gaga, body improvisation and more.

In his practice he seeks the silence of the mind as much as possible, conscious breathing, spherical empowerment and flexibility of the body, expanding the range of motion, time devoted to exploring / focusing on a place or element of practice, and this is what he is trying to  give at his lessons.

Eleni Giannari

Hello. I’m Eleni and I teach Vinyasa Yoga. From early on, I was fascinated by the human body and by movement, which is why I always loved exercise and dance. As I grew older though, my everyday routine led to a sedentary lifestyle, which created various imbalances in my body. I came across yoga by chance, but I stuck to it when I saw the results on my body, which was lighter and stronger, as well as on my mind, which was calmer and clearer after each practice. This sensation is what made me return to classes each time and encouraged me to deepen my practice by undertaking the teacher training course at Evergreen Yoga Studios (200hrs). That’s where I realized that I wanted to share this sensation with other people.

Through my classes, I aspire to make yoga accessible to all people, with respect to each student’s unique body and to share the sensation and the benefits which yoga has offered me. For me, yoga means flow and integrating movement with the breath. It means practicing patience and persistence. It means release, relaxation, exploration, experimentation and play, as well as an opportunity to listen to my mind and body’s needs. In my classes I strive to offer my students a break from their busy everyday routines and a chance to rediscover their body, and in the end, maybe even their self.

Alexandra Chira

My name is Alexandra Chira, I’m a graduate of the School of Physical Education and Sports Science in Athens and I have been using the Pilates method for over ten years.

Movement has been a part of my life ever since I was a young child. Over the years, I have dealt with athletics on a top-class level, aerobics, traditional dancing, Latin and Ballroom dancing, Argentinean Tango, Flamenco and aerial acrobatics.

The Pilates method won me over because for me it ideally combines muscular strengthening, flexibility training and mental concentration. It has given me the opportunity to work with people who suffer from musculoskeletal pain and joint problems and to see the quality of their life improve through the use of the method.

The aim of the method that I apply is the constant exploration of ways to wholly exercise the body and how that can lead to psychological relaxation and mental development.

Having acquired experience in teaching with all the necessary equipment for the method, I started to experiment with aerial pilates, which incorporates the use of a swing. It refreshed me a great deal and provided new opportunities in my teaching method as well as in my personal training.

Since then, I have added things that my experience in exercise has taught me, as well as elements from my personal quests and experience.  

My classes center on the correct positioning of the body, muscular strengthening, flexibility and the alleviation of musculoskeletal pain. It is suitable for anybody who wants to strengthen their mind and body while playing on a swing.

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