Structure and Level of the Classes

Our classes every week focus in a group of asanas, of body parts or different quality of movement. Every week the subject of focus changes.

Vinyasa Yoga

The Vinyasa  class is a dynamic class that emphasizes in the continuation of the flow of the asanas together with the prana. Vinyasa is the flow that is created from one asana to the next one, krama is the progressiveness of the level of the asanas. The class begins with mild warm up and exploration of the parts that will be activated and continues with waves of asanas in which the dynamic and complexity of the asanas raises. The class is concluded with balancing the triggered body parts and relaxation. The level of the class is open, different variations are given, according to the level of the practitioner.

Aerial Yoga

The Aerial Yoga class uses the weightlessness, the hovering and all the elements of the aerial swings for a different and more fun approach of the yoga practice, The level of the class is open.

Yin Yoga

Exploring our yin side. Exploring the energy of passiveness, trusting our body and weight, giving time for the posture to unveil. Trust, accept, love.


Kids Yoga

A Yoga class for our little friends!

With joy and fun kids come in contact with their body and the philosophy of yoga!