Beloved Koalas
Following the latest announcements from the Ministry of Health, we suspend the operation of the studio for now.
Our health is above all, and let us all remember that health means no fear, no panic, not think without sense.
Let's look at this time of 'isolation' constructively, so let's give quality time to our home, the space we live in, and that may mean our natural home being a construction and our real home being our body.
Now is the time to truly apply our practice, return to ourselves, sit comfortably and feel the space around us and within us ...
... Look ... now the practice begins.
If you have any questions contact me with an email or phone.
Anyone who wants to continue the practice of asanas, pranayama  or meditation I have notes and a great will to help you.
With love, smile and a wink.

KOALA Yoga Studio


Γώγου 2, Άγιοι Ανάργυροι
+30 698 313 1344

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