We are very happy to welcome in KOALA our beloved teacher Betty Papadopoulou for a Yin practice together with two wonderfuls musicians, Nikos Souliotis (drums and guitar) and Gerasimos Dimobasilis (wind instruments) who will accompany our practice with music.

The sacred ceremony of Yin Yoga

In a Yin Yoga practice we keep the poses for more time than usual as we want to awaken the yin parts of our body. Yin yoga is for the yin side of the body, the connectors and connecting tissue. Together we will share a beautiful yin ceremony, A practice vibrating in rythms of different traditions, that listens and follows the the rythm of the haeart and is dedicated to love.

Where? KOALA Yoga Studio
When? Friday 27  of March 19:00-21:00

Contribution: 12€

For more information contact us  Tel:6983131344 or email:

KOALA Yoga Studio


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